Transfer of a schema.
If one or more schema’s need to be transferred between databases across platforms, you can use the USER (owner) level export mode.

– source database is 32-bit database on Redhat Linux 5.6
– target database is 64-bit database on Redhat Linux 5.6
– schema’s scott and hugo need to be transferred

a. On Windows 2000, export with the export utility:

— Windows: type all parameters on one single line:

# exp system/manager FILE=exp_u.dmp LOG=exp_u.log RECORDLENGTH=65535 OWNER=scott,hugo

b. Transfer the file in binary mode to the HP-UX 11i Server.

c. On HP-Unix, import with the import utility:

# imp system/manager FILE=exp_u.dmp LOG=imp_u.log RECORDLENGTH=65535 FROMUSER=scott,hugo TOUSER=scott,hugo

1. The user names SCOTT and HUGO must exist in the target database prior to the import operation; otherwise an error is returned.
2. In Oracle10g when using export DataPump and import DataPump, you can use the import DataPump parameter REMAP_SCHEMA which loads all objects from a source schema into a target schema, and creates the target schema if it does not exist.

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